The final conference of the MOBI project “Modern border infrastructure – a successful Carpathian region” in Hungary.

by Pylypenko Vadym

On October 26-27, 2023, the Final Conference of the project “Modern border infrastructure – a successful Carpathian region” – “MOBI” was held in the Sabolch-Satmar-Berez region of Hungary.
The project is implemented as part of an international consortium, which includes regional management bodies and professional institutions, namely: International Association of Institutes of Regional Development “MAIRR” (Ukraine), Self-Government of the Sabolch-Satmar-Bereg Region (Hungary), Košice Autonomous Region (Slovakia) , the Maramures County Council (Romania), the Territorial Administrative Unit of the Satu Mare County (Romania) and the Highway Service in Zakarpattia Oblast (Ukraine).
The goal of the project is: to create a sustainable platform for effective cross-border mobility of people and goods based on the improvement of transport and border infrastructure, strengthening cooperation between authorities and professional organizations aimed at the development of transport connections in the border regions of Ukraine, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary. The project envisages the development of a joint Mobility Plan, which includes regional plans of each border region in the field of transport and border infrastructure, development of railway connections, international air connections, etc.

Representatives of diplomatic institutions, heads of regional councils of border regions, representatives of authorities and self-governments, as well as experts on the development of transport and border infrastructure of border countries took part in the final conference.
during the two days of the conference, the participants discussed the development of transport and border infrastructure.
Nataliya Nosa-Pilypenko, head of the International Association of Regional Development Institutions “MAIRR”, presented the main results of the project: Mobility Plan, developed maps, basic studies and promotional materials.
Iryna Kyryk, a representative of the Service for Reconstruction and Development of Infrastructure in Zakarpattia Oblast, presented the new competencies of the Service for Reconstruction as a result of the reorganization.

The vision of the development of transport and border infrastructure was presented by:

– Oskar Sestak, Chairman of the General Assembly of Szabolch-Satmar-Bereg District, Hungary;
– Martin Guillermo Ramirez, general secretary of the Association of European Border Regions “AEBR”. Vladislav Mushka, consul of the General Consulate of Ukraine in Niredgaz;

– Isvan Szabo, Vice-Chairman of the General Assembly of Szabolc-Satmar-Bereg County, Hungary;
– Felicia Kristina Stern, representative of the Territorial-Administrative Unit of Satu-Mare;
– Reinhold Ctadler, consulting company CIVITTA (Bucharest, Romania, online);
– Joseph Kato, representative of the campaign Volánbusz Zrt (private limited liability company);
– Zinovii Broida, director of the scientific and technical center “EkoResources”.
During the conference, the participants expressed their intention to continue cooperation and implement projects aimed at improving the transport infrastructure, attracting investments and promoting the economic growth of the regions. The results of the MOBI project and the created consortium have become important beyond the development of border regions due to the strengthening of cooperation between neighboring countries, with the exception of the special role of Transcarpathia in European integration processes.

Press center of the “MAIRR” International Association

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