Feasibility study of the Velyki Slementsi bicycle path, SVK/UA station – Chorna nad Tysoyu, railway station, suspension bridge over the Latoritsa River

by Pylypenko Vadym

The Strategy for the Development of Bicycle Transport and Bicycle Transport in the Košice Region for 2022-2027-2030 (hereinafter the KSK Cycle Strategy) is a medium-term strategic document that is loosely based on the Bicycle Strategy for 2014-2020. The concept of the new cycle of the KSK Strategy aims to link and complement it with other strategic documents, especially the KSK Mobility Sustainable Development Plan, the KSK Bicycle Communication Skeleton Network and the KSK Road Transport Development Strategy. This time is tied to the new program period of the Slovak Republic and the European Union until 2030.
It is based on knowledge of the situation, especially in the field of cycling and cycling infrastructure, since there are no systematic studies of repairs that would determine the share of cycling in the territory of Košice Region. Despite this, the strategic vision is primarily focused on increasing the number of cyclists and cyclists, because this is the main indicator of the effectiveness of the funds spent on the development of cycling and cycling infrastructure.
The KSK Bicycle Strategy proposes solutions that will contribute to the sustainable development of bicycle transport and bicycle transport in the region, assuming the mutual cooperation of regional entities interested in the implementation of the strategy based on the principle of partnership. The strategy is developed in accordance with the goals of existing strategic documents at the national, regional and local levels.
An important part of the strategic document is the review and expansion of the bicycle network of the Skeleton network in the Košice region and its connection to all places in accordance with the Sustainable Mobility Plan of the region.

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