Feasibility study of the Mikhalovce – Vyshne Nemetske Cycle Path

by Pylypenko Vadym

In the context of the current trends in the development of bicycle transport and bicycle tourism in eastern Slovakia, the “Mihalovce – Vyšne Nemetske Bicycle Path” project is becoming an important initiative aimed at increasing the popularity of bicycles as an ecological and economical mode of transport.

The main network of bicycle roads in the Košice region is defined as bicycle tourism with an emphasis on its compatibility with the transport service of the region and ensuring the safe daily movement of local residents by bicycle.

The purpose of the network is to connect the most important tourist destinations in the region with connections to the tourist destinations of neighboring regions (Pryashivskyi and Banskobystryskyi regions) and states (Ukraine and Hungary).

The main axis of the network in the Košice self-governing region is the international cycle route “Eurovelo 11” It further develops into branches that form intercity cycle highways, which then connect to local and regional cycle tourism routes. The developed concept also takes into account proposals for connecting to the existing bicycle tourism network.

For complete information, download the PDF file in Slovak language

Technical documentation for building permit download PDF file in Slovak language

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