Feasibility study of the access road to the promising checkpoint on the Ukrainian-Slovak border “Solomonovo – Cherna”

by Pylypenko Vadym

Feasibility study on determining the prospects for the development of the mobility plan on the border of Ukraine with neighboring countries within the framework of the Сross-border cooperation program of the EIS Hungary – Slovakia – Romania – Ukraine 2014-2020 of the access road to the perspective checkpoint on the Ukrainian-Slovakian border “Solomonovo – Cherna”.

Based on the geographical location of Transcarpathia and the Kosice Region, we can conclude that their position from the point of view of transport logistics and cross-border accommodation is unique. The applicant and the partner agree that a decisive step towards the economic progress of the region should be to identify the weak points in the transport infrastructure by developing a joint development plan and creating the prerequisites for large-scale transport development projects. As a result of such actions, the economic role of Transcarpathia will only increase.

As part of the project, the network of roads and bridge crossings will be analyzed and a list of recommendations will be created for the repair of individual areas and basic recommendations for maintenance (including in the winter period).

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